Being an influencer is a task not everyone can pull off. There are a lot of responsibilities on them as they have to always project themselves as a great example to the society. Not only this but their cause of being an influencer should be good enough so that people follow them.

As of now, Instagram is the best way to show people that you can influence people in different ways. Not only humans but even animals are working as good and powerful influencers. Yes, these unique influencers can make even the human ones feel shy with their popularity. Here we have scooped out some of the unusual influencers on Instagram. Take a look!

1. Dough The Pug

Do you have a pug? And is he famous? Yeah, not every pug can be as famous as Dough The Pug. He is the most famous pug in the world and spends most of the time creating pug-themed home videos and playing. He has got 3.6 million followers on Instagram and counting. Along with acting and modeling, Dough the pug also spends time with his celebrity YouTuber friend.

The Pug also won a Shorty award for “Instagrammer of the Year”. He also collaborated with Mercedes-Benz and Claire’s.

2. Juniper The Fox

Ever thought that even fox can be a pet? Yes, it is unusual and surprising. Juniper The Fox is one such example with 2.5 million followers on Instagram.

He has a brother named Fig and they both are North American red foxes. They were born in captivity and descended from fur-farm foxes. They have been adopted by a family that cares for “rescued exotics”. There is a book written about him, titled The Happiest Fox.

3. Jill The Squirrel

A squirrel can also be an influencer just like Jill the Squirrel. With 610K followers, Jill is a celebrity on Instagram. A victim of Hurricane in Louisiana in 2012, the 6-year-old Jill’s account describes her as a “vegetarian” and “parkour expert whose only fear is the vacuum”.

Her account has beautiful and interesting videos of chowing down on her favorite snack.

4. Bee or B

Animals are often seen as influencers but for the first time, an insect is storming social media as an influencer. This tiny, fuzzy little creature was created by Fondation de France.

This foundation was started to help raise funds to save the bees. Bees play an important role in the ecosystem. If they stop to exist; the food would be scarce and many ecosystems wouldn’t be able to survive. B says that protecting bees means protecting the planet and humankind.

Pumpkin The Raccoon

Pumpkin is a one-month-old raccoon who fell out of a tree in 2014. She was taken to a nurse and was taken care of by the family who she happened to land in. She has around 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

Her social media documents her adventures at home. It shows her playing with her canine fellows to tasting new foods.

To Sum Up

There are various influencers on social media, but this is something unusual. We follow people who can teach them more about life hacks, but it seems like even animals can teach a lot. Being an influencer means portraying yourself for a good cause it can be either human or an animal.

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