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About us

The KachchaChittha tries to reach the core of common people in every way. Here, we consider the CIVIC Reporting as the main root in the 21st century of Media and its world. Our civic reporting is not just limited to the surface areas, we work through the ground reporting.

We as an Individual and also as an institution, know the reputation of our nation and our limitations towards it. Thus, before publishing any content or any news we check for its authentication.

We believe in fearless media and dissemination of reports, therefore we only publish what we find ethically right and without any outsider’s influence or pressure.

A political party or any business empires are not a part of any funding in our organization.

We planned to execute the investigative journalism and so we always work on some selective projects which we update in regular intervals on our official website and social media handles.

Our objective is to serve the Young Nation (India) with the quality informative news.

Our team disseminates the content in the most creative form.

We stay 24*7 active.

By each growing day, we try to cover national and international events which concern the country in some way.

At The KachchaChittha, the team is never under any restriction, the team knows its right to speech and thus we have our own section of opinions for those who want to speak on the topic they find necessary to put their views on.

Importance of 3 I’s in Journalism.

Informative Journalism:

The purpose of informative journalism is to keep the reader aware about the topic that he/she is reading. Informative journalism is all about providing the right information to the audience. It is about defining the new aspects of the story and detailing the components regarding the same topic. It is the job of a journalist to write a story which can leave the reader with a clear message and that can only happen when the proper in-depth details are available.

Independent Journalism:

In today’s world where everything is dependent on every other thing. In journalism at-least, a report should be unbiased and independent. It is because a major section of the country depends on media as it is the sole sector who share the events and happenings to the people living in the world. The goal of a journalist is to provide the information without being under any pressure or without being biased. The first priority is to always broadcast the truth in its most realistic form.

Investigative Journalism:

Where there is information there has to be a research that has happened in the background. This is what is all about the investigative journalism, to do the research so that what information goes out is true and a journalist should have evidence to prove its authenticity. The main goal of a journalist is to watch the watchers and expose wrongdoing and hypocrisy