Nepotism in India is as prevalent as the sunlight. It would not be far from the truth to say that it has strengthened its roots in a plethora of other sectors while it is clearly evident and much talked about in Bollywood, it has equally degrading effects in other sectors as well.
We live in a time where one’s talent and qualifications are given much lesser preferences over his lineage. While the upper class enjoys its benefits relentlessly, the middle and the lower class crush brutally under it.
From appointing officers to selecting Judges everything goes through the sieve of nepotism. Earlier in the year 2013 the collegiums of Punjab and Haryana High court comprising the then chief justice (now Supreme Court judge) AK Sikri and justices Jasbir Singh and SK Mittal, put forth the names of eight advocates to be elevated to the High Court, and not to our surprise, these lawyers who were recommended to the high court were the daughters and sons of previous judges and chief justices.

A British writer in his famous work “India: A Portrait” highlights one astonishing fact; about one hundred percent of the members, below the age of 30, elected in the lower house of the Indian Parliament have families with a political background, hence, helping them pave their way into the parliament much easily.

In Bollywood as well we see, children of famous and powerful actors find easy access into the industry through the influence of their parent/s, while people who do not belong to a filmy background struggle day and night.
While a majority of people indulge in the practice of nepotism, put the talents and opportunities of other much deserving individuals on stakes, for their own goodwill, not everyone can be found guilty of it. In the year 2010, one of the richest people in India declared to donate 1.7 billion rupees to his trust.

Therefore, one could say that while Nepotism holds its ground tight at all major realms, by taking relevant actions against it, and by further restraint from performing it, culture and society, in general, could be highly benefited.


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