Education is indeed one of the most significant part of any individual’s growth and the state of Andhra Pradesh has taken a great initiative towards it. Amma Vodi scheme has been introduced in the state which will help mothers send their kids to school.

AP chief minister Y.S Jaganmohan Reddy, announced that all mothers from poor families who are sending their children to school will get Rs 15,000 into their bank.


What Does The Scheme Suggest?

The scheme applies to all mothers of school-going children, especially those who fall under the BPL category. To identify beneficiaries, having a white ration card is the deciding factor, similar to several other welfare programmes.

The state government has allocated Rs 6,455 crore for Amma Vodi. The Chief Minister also announced an upgrade from the next academic year. All government schools will be converted to English-medium schools. Telugu will be a compulsory subject. This double-track educational reform for the first time has the potential to abolish educational inequality in the state.

Inequality in Education System

After Independence, all the states were given the power to handle the school education sector. The Central government allowed a diabolical school education system to operate. But then discrimination entered, poor used to send their children to poorly funded schools.

The rich, on the other hand, in the urban and semi-urban areas, could send their children to English-medium private schools which also have better infrastructure.

Money Decides The Future Of Children

The education system in India runs on money and this affects the future of a child. Money decides the future of a child born in a democratic nation. There are various terms that divide the community among India like caste/class terms.

The lower castes, who are the working masses, are confined to regional-language. While the upper-caste elites send their children to globally connected English-medium schools.

With this new scheme in the state, the infrastructure of the schools will be improved within three years. The Kejriwal government has also done this before, but there were a few elements lesser than what Jagan is offering.

Amma Vodi Scheme

Amma Vodi scheme is going to be a trendsetter. This scheme will bring a change in the basic structure of the schools. This will also help in changing the education system as well.

Amma Vodi could also improve child health in poor families in a significant way. A mother will now see her child as earning Rs 15,000 per year.

The scheme will change the market in Andhra Pradesh in a positive way. The parents will also be benefitted from this scheme. They will be able to buy and spend the money on uniforms, good shoes and quality food.

Amma Vodi will have serious implications on the state’s health, education, and market. If this programme is implemented with the same intent that it is declared, Andhra Pradesh will be a different state within 20 years. 

Importance Of Education

Good education and good schools are very important for a child. This makes children creative and makes them compatible with western students. It also improves critical thinking skills too.


Nothing can teach you better than a school. The school is an institution that can guide you better than parents. The school syllabus should include lessons on the dignity of labor. It builds up your personality as an individual as well. Hence a good decision was taken by the Andhra government.

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