“Mandir banega ya Nahi kisi ko Nahi pata”, but once more Ayodhya case has made to the headlines. The final verdict is going to come in a few days. Supreme Court will be giving their final decision by the end of this month.

Ayodhya Verdict Will Be Out In A Few Days What Is Actually Happening In The State

Before the verdict is out, a lot of halchal is going on in the state. Everyone is suspicious about the verdict, whether it will be in favor of the Hindus or the Muslims. To avoid the clashes and maintain peace in the state, a lot of steps are being taken by the government.

Let us have a look at what all is happening in the state before the final verdict.

Steps Taken To Maintain Peace

CJI Ranjan Gogoi Cancels Foreign Trip: The Chief Justice Of India, Ranjan Gogoi canceled his foreign tour to dedicate time to Ayodhya case. The case is sensitive and needs a lot of time and attention for sure. The verdict is currently scheduled to be out on November 17.

The five judges, CJI Ranjan Gogoi along with SA Bobde, DY Chandrachud, Ashok Bhushan and SA Nazeer, will be holding day-long discussions on the critical Ayodhya matter that the bench heard for 40 days straight. Before the announcement of the final decision, CJI is going to meet Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary Rajendra Kumar Tiwari.

Security Has Been Beefed Up: Security arrangements have been increased in various parts of the state. The Ayodhya district is facing the highest security of all time. This is done in order to maintain law and order before and after the expected judgment.

Helicopters Deployed: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said, “Two helicopters will be on standby in Lucknow and Ayodhya. This is done as a part of security arrangements.” A state-level control is also been set up for emergency cases. Drones are being used for monitoring the city of Ayodhya.

Section 144 Imposed: Section 144 has been imposed in the district. The police says that keeping “outsiders” and mischief elements will play a role in maintaining law and order. The State has requested the Centre for paramilitary forces.

Security has been tightened at all vital installations. Social media is also being monitored. The district is divided into four security zones- red, yellow, green and blue. The area which is expected to have the most number of disputes is heavily guarded.

What Do People Have To Say About It?

A lot of anxiety is prevailing in Ayodhya as it waits for the Supreme Court verdict. This can be felt in the atmosphere of Ayodhya and the nearby districts. The Tedhi Bazaar intersection has been secured with high security as it close to the disputed area. It is barricaded by the yellow grille.

Ayodhya Verdict Will Be Out In A Few Days What Is Actually Happening In The State

Mr. Mehboob, a resident of Uttar Pradesh says and appealed to all the Muslims to stay calm. He says,

“The administration has promised us nothing will happen, the security is tight and no Muslim need to migrate out of fear”.

While on the other hand Amar Singh another resident of Uttar Pradesh is confident about the verdict and said,

“The verdict will come “in favor of Lord Ram” and transform the town. If a Ram Temple won’t be built in Ram ki Nagri, where else will it be built. Even if the court says, let the site remain unused or build a hostel or a hospital, I am fine with that.”

The belief in government can be seen in their statements but in two different ways. Supreme Court’s verdict is going to be outraging a lot of emotions from people of Uttar Pradesh. Let us see what happens next.

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