After facing a big loss in the quarter ending September 2019, Vodafone and Airtel have decided to increase the tariff rates. With a combined loss of Rs. 74,000 crores, they have to increase the plan rates to stay in the market.

Bad News For Airtel And Vodafone Users Tariff Rates Will Increase From December 1

Reason For The Increase

The increase in the rates will be applicable from December 1. This step is taken in order to keep the business viable. The telecom sector is highly capital intensive and the technologies in these sectors change rapidly. Hence, they require continuous investment. To support the vision of Digital India, it is extremely important that the industry remains viable.

Airtel has noted that the operating devices have been eroding the viability of the sector. The increase in the tariff plans will help the industry. These changes will be applied to both prepaid and postpaid customers.

Bad News For Airtel And Vodafone Users Tariff Rates Will Increase From December 1

Not only Airtel, but even Vodafone will be making the changes in their plans. They also highlighted that in India, mobile data charges are by far the cheapest in the world. The requirement for mobile data has also been growing significantly.

Vodafone Idea will increase the tariffs effective from December 1. The company faced a loss of Rs. 50,922 crore, making it the highest ever loss by an Indian corporate. This loss was due to the Adjusted Gross Revenue applied by the Supreme Court.

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The Current Plan

Right now both Airtel and Vodafone are offering a minimum of 1GB data per day on plans starting at prices as low as Rs.169. It has unlimited calls and 100 SMS per day as well. As per the announcement, we can expect the prices of some of the prepaid plans to go up.

Earlier both the companies had increased the amount of data they offer on postpaid plans along with free unlimited calling. All of these plans can be more expensive from December 1.

Existing Prepaid and Postpaid Plans Detail


Bad News For Airtel And Vodafone Users: Tariff Rates Will Increase From December 1
Postpaid Plans
  1. The plan starts at Rs. 499 online, though the Rs. 399 plan is available in Airtel stores as well.
  2. Rs. 499 pack offers 75GB of data with free calling, three months Netflix and one year of Amazon Prime subscription. It also gives access to Zee5 and Airtel XStream content.
  3. Rs. 749 pack offers 125GB data, unlimited calls, and similar benefits as the above plan.
  4. Rs. 1599 plan is the costliest plan of Airtel which offers, unlimited data per month, and 200 ISD minutes and 10 percent off on International roaming packs. Other benefits are the same as the other plans.
  5. Around all plans come with 200GB of data, this means the data never run out.
Prepaid Plans
  1. Airtel has Rs.129 prepaid plan with 2GB data and unlimited calling.
  2. The Rs. 169 plan offers 1GB data per day and unlimited calls.
  3. For more data, the Rs.299 plan comes with 2.5GB data per day.
  4. The Rs. 199 plan in Airtel offers 1.5GB data for 28 days and unlimited calls.
  5. The 499 plan in Airtel has a validity of 82 days with 2GB data per day.

Right now all the plans in Airtel have unlimited calling on local and roaming. This facility was not available before Jio entered. Earlier users had to get separate Talktime and data recharge packs.


Bad News For Airtel And Vodafone Users Tariff Rates Will Increase From December 1
Postpaid Plans
  1. Vodafone’s plans start with Rs.399 and include 40GB data, unlimited calls, data rollover to 200Gb and free access to Vodafone Play. This pack is available online.
  2. In Rs. 999 Zee5 and complimentary mobile insurance were also available.
  3. Rs.499 plan includes 75GB data with 200GB, unlimited calls, and the same benefits as the Rs.399 plan.
  4. The planRs.499 plan also offers Amazon Prime subscription for one year on additional charges making it worth Rs.999.
  5. The Rs. 649 plan has 90GB data and includes the same benefits as the other two plans. One addition is, for iPhone users, it offers free service worth Rs. 10,000.
  6. Vodafone’s Rs. 598 plan offers the users with two connections with 80GB data in total and includes similar benefits as well. It allows 50GB data for the primary member and 30GB for the secondary member.
  7. The Rs.749 packs come with 120GB data and similar benefits like other plans. It allows three members to share the plan. The man member gets 60GB data whereas the other two members get the rest.
  8. Vodafone’s RedX postpaid plan, claims 50 percent faster internet speed, free data roaming for seven days once a year, unlimited data and calls at Rs 999 per month.
Prepaid Plans
  1. In the prepaid plans, the offers start at Rs. 129, with unlimited calls and 2GB data in total for 28 days.
  2. Rs.169 plan gives 1GB data per day with unlimited calls.
  3. The 199 plan has 1.5GB data and unlimited calls for 28 days.
  4. Rs.399 plan has a longer validity of 84days with 1GB data per day and unlimited calls.
  5. Rs. 458 prepaid plan has 1.5GB data per day with 84 days of validity and unlimited calls.

All the plans in Vodafone come with 100 SMS per day.

The Bottomline

After enjoying a lot of benefits from the telecom companies, it is going to be very difficult for the users to adjust to the rising prices. It is going to be fun seeing how people will cope with the increase in the tariff rates of Airtel and Vodafone.

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