Ban, beef and Kashmir, these are some of the most trending keywords on social media nowadays. Be it Twitter or the Fake WhatsApp forwards, each one of the “news speader” highly followed these trends. While we have just overcome with the Zomato controversy, another trend has landed in the world of Twitteratis. This time, it’s Netflix – one of the biggest streaming platforms in the world.

Netflix is now under the highly scutinized vision of some Inidan viewers. A section of people have joined hands together on social media to start #BanNetflixIndia trend.

But why? What has happened that people now want the live-streaming giant to be banned in India.

What Is the Story Behind #BanNetflixIndia?

Just like all other trending hashtags, one day #BanNetflixIndia started trending on Twitter. The reason? The platform is accused of streaming Anti-Hindu content. The people say Netflix is promoting series that are painting a deceitful image of India.

From Ghoul and Sacred Games to Leila and Patriotic Act, they named several shows for showing Hindus and India in a bad light. People are going crazy after banning Netflix in India. Some people even came in support with the Shiv Sena member.

How Did It Start?

All this started when a member of Shivsena, Ramesh Solanki filed a complaint on Wednesday against the streaming platform for ‘defaming Hindus, India and the army’. 

Ramesh Solanki whose twitter bio reads “a very proud Hindu nationalist, Mumbai Secretary/ Gujarat Sampark Pramukh BVS. Yuva Sena/ShivSena IT Cell Core Committee’, took to the twitter platform site to share a copy of his complaint. 

Ramesh Solanki filed the complaint because he thinks that all these shows portray India as a bad nation. He also gave examples of shows such as Sacred Games, where he said that their agenda was to defame the Guru-Shishya Parampara with overly sexual gestures.

Here is the tweet where he showed the complaint report:

The complaint was filed at Mumbai’s LT Marg police station, which read, “almost every series on Netflix India is with the intention to defame the country on a global level. It is with deep-rooted Hinduphobia that the platform is portraying the nation in a bad light.”

Solanki also made it clear and urged the police to “take necessary legal action” against Netflix for “hurting Hindu sentiments.”

Why Do Indians Get Offended Easily?

It seems like getting offended is the new time pass every India is fond of now. Recently, we heard the news of Akali Dal leader getting offended by some scenes in Sacred Games that seemed to defame the Sikh committee.

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From time infinite, it is being noted that intolerance in India and hate crimes have seen an exponential growth. Unfortunately, this intolerance gets restricted only to social media platforms. In such a situation, one needs to understand the fact that cinema is not always a reflection of the society.

People who believe that society portrayed on a screen defame us should first check their facts and then start a trend. Instead of following a trending hashtag in the color of jingoism will take the country nowhere. An openminded and tolerant behaviour is what one needs to adopt when it comes to art and its portrayal of society.


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