Marrying the person you love is definitely one of the luckiest and happiest moments of one’s life. However, in order to make the moment last forever in the hearts, one tries to come up with different and unique ways of proposing. Some try to do it underwater, others stick with the same old ways of roses and chocolates while some do it with a carrot!


Thanks to social media, the trend of proposing with innovative ideas are getting a tad bit too intense. People get inspired and motivated to prose to their significant other in a way that would leave everyone in awe.

In a recent piece of news, a Canadian man named John Neville put up the question to his girlfriend in a way, you would not be able to guess!

Never Heard-before Carrot Proposal

John Neville and his wife Danielle Squires have been together for the past six years. The couple knew that they had to tie the knot one day. Since they were leading a healthy and busy life with their two kids, they never thought of rushing anything. “I always knew we would, but neither of us was in any rush,” John said in an interview.


However, John Neville knew exactly what he wanted to do and how he wanted to do it. He decided to propose Danielle when she was pregnant with their son about four years ago. He, therefore, went ahead and bought the diamond ring but waited for the right time to pop the question.

He wanted to propose in a way that no one has ever done or even heard of. “I’m a procrastinator like you wouldn’t believe. I kept twiddling my thumbs.” John added.  

After waiting for such long years to propose, he decided to do it finally. While trying to think of a unique way, he could not get out the news he had heard a few years ago wherein a woman had found a diamond ring inside a carrot while she was gardening.

Just then the idea of doing something similar struck him. He went ahead and pulled out the diamond ring from the work shed behind their home in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. He decided to grow a carrot ring inside the ring he had bought for his wife. Since he was ‘stay-at-home’ father, he was confident enough that he would be able to do it.

He said, “It was a bit of a process. I put a lot of effort into it to make sure it was a successful engagement proposal,”

He filled a five-gallon plastic bucket with soil and made a small room at the top of it. He then put the ring inside that empty space and pushed it downwards to bury it. He had used a pencil in order to make a narrow hole passing right through the center of the ring.

John was hoping that the carrot would grow in that narrow space. This was something that was never been done before, therefore it was solely on luck whether his plan would work or not. “I gingerly put a few granules of soil there and then three or four seeds on top,” he said.


He then showered a few more carrot seeds around the bucket. After that, he waited for more than 90 days to the carrot to grow. Since the bucket didn’t need much tending, he was spared from doing much labor.

When she finally said yes!

One fine day, not being completely sure whether his plan has succeded or not and also because he did not want the carrot to grow too big; he asked his son and wife to help him harvest the crop.

He then cleverly asked his wife to pull out the carrot he had planted the ring in. Luckily for him, his idea worked out. While she was filled with astonishment and happiness on seeing the ring in the carrot, he exclaimed, “I Love you, will you marry me?”


Naturally, she took some time to fathom to the idea that the ring she was holding was, in fact, an engagement ring. “She was a little bit confused for two seconds…Then her eyes started welling up and she nodded her head yes.”

Squires, who is a technologist in a hospital lab, is getting a lot of attention from people all over the world, is still haven’t settled with the idea. She said, “We’re not really sure…It’s been quite an experience, for sure.”

John’s gambled worked out more than just fine. People from all over the world are getting inspired by him and are praising him for his innovative idea. The priceless moment was made even more beautiful with his unique way.

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