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Get humorous story of Politics, Events, society, and many more Hilarious Photos and Videos. The things that will make you die of Laughing. It includes funny news, funny content etc. If there is one thing that people enjoy better than anything else, it's a humour. There is something different about some comedy with information that most of the people love. And we all know that humour is the best thing anyone can have. It comes in many things, which might be just for one person or not to another, but some which may be enjoyed in group of friends. kachcha Chittha provides you every Latest and humorous news, Top humorous stories of Travel, politics, jokes, Satire, Sports, Food, Technology, Videos, Education, Crime and Viral content. If you also want to read about some latest and new humorous stories, you can browse our site. Check out the Humour stories on various topics at Kachcha Chittha.