Everyone is aware of the rising pollution and the levels it has reached in the past few years. But this year Delhi is facing the worst of all time. The pollution levels in Delhi have reached “severe plus” levels. The state government has declared a pollution emergency.

Delhi Chocking After Diwali

This pollution level became even worse after Diwali. With delicious food and festive spirit, Diwali also brings smog and air pollution with it every year. The diseases and infections follow as well.

Declaring emergency, the state government announced that all the schools will be closed till 5th November. For some offices, the timings have also been changed. The state is trying to do its best and taking steps against pollution.

Delhi Is Choking How Can You Save Yourself

With the high levels of pollutants in the air, it’s time to follow some precautions and prevent yourself from falling ill. Take a look at some of the measures you can follow to protect yourself against pollution.

Steps For Life

According to doctors, these are the measures which people can take as a step against pollution and towards life.

  1. Know the pollution in their surroundings. The person should be aware of the pollution level around them.
  2. Stop exercising outdoors as the pollution levels are quite high. Avoid going out for a walk on the roads when the temperature is low.
  3. Avoid exercising near highly polluted areas, for example, areas with heavy traffic.
  4. Consumption of electronic items at home. Minimize the usage of appliances.
  5. School going children should avoid playing on grounds when the air is cool. Their exposure to school bus emissions should also be reduced.
  6. It’s better to walk, cycle or carpool instead of using one vehicle per person for traveling.
  7. Avoid burning wood or trash.
Delhi Is Choking How Can You Save Yourself

Here are some more steps which you can follow:

Workout Session Time

The best time to exercise is morning or before sunset. One should work out in closed-door gyms. Open-window gyms by the road should be avoided.

Diet Helps In Beating Air Pollution

A good diet can improve your immunity and protect you to a certain extent from the ill-effects of extreme air pollution. It will eventually boost up the immunity and will help as protection towards illness by not making the body vulnerable. The diet needs to be especially rich in nutrients and food items that help detoxify, are anti-inflammatory and improve immunity.

Dietary antioxidants can help provide protection by controlling free radical damage leading to inflammation.

Are there any special food items that need to be included in the diet?

Foods enriched in Vitamin C and E can be helpful. Vitamin C-rich foods like amla, guava, lemon, mausambi, oranges, etc are advised. Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant and food sources of it include sunflower seeds, almonds, avocadoes, peanuts, bran oil, salmon, pine nuts and brazil nuts.

Another important food item that can be included in the diet is Beta Carotene. Beta Carotene is a precursor of Vitamin A. It also exhibits antioxidant properties. Foods like leafy vegetables, orange, and yellow-colored vegetables and fruits are rich in Beta Carotene.

Protection Against Allergies

Any food that can cure cough and is natural bronchodilators. Green tea, herbal tea (including ginger, black pepper, cloves, tulsi) and turmeric milk helps in improving respiratory health. Natural anti-allergics are helpful too. Drinking enough water keeps the body hydrated and helps against allergies.

Are Masks Effective?  

Marks can be effective up to some extent. These can avoid the inhalation of some particles. Masks N95 and Masks N99 are easily available in the market.

How To Keep Our Home Pollution Free?

Plants help in minimizing air pollution. Hence; planting trees can help to some extent. Some of the indoor plants that help maintain the air’s health include:

  1. Aloe Vera: Make room for the sun-loving plant, aloe vera, to reduce indoor air pollution.
  2. Spider Plant: Spiders might not be good for your home, but spider plants are surely a gift to beat indoor air pollution.
  3. Snake Plant: After spider, we have snake plant which is one of the excellent example of a houseplant that cleans the air.

Apart from that, you can avoid using air fresheners and burning candles.

These are some of the ways which can help you with protection against pollution. So, Delhi stay safe and healthy!

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