The Congress leader and former Karnataka Minister DK Shivakumar has been allegedly arrested by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) official on Tuesday. The leader has been allegedly involved in money laundering.

The questioning began on Friday with the former Karnataka Minister in connection with the prolonged money laundering case.

DK Shivakumar
DK Shivakumar

Why The Arrest?

It is found that the Congress leader was involved in a money laundering case. The ED probe followed Income Tax raids on the minister in 2017 and detection and recovery of unaccounted wealth. The ED later got involved in the case soon after the It department discovered instances of alleged money laundering.

What Did The ED Do?

The ED officials began questioning DK Shivakumar on Friday. They turned down his request to travel to Bangalore on Monday to perform some rituals for the demise of his elders of the family.

The accused minister had to stay back in Delhi, and was subjected to questioning on Monday and Tuesday as well. The accused will be shown before the court in Delhi and seek his custody for further investigation.

What Does ShivaKumar Has To Say About It?

Dk Shivakumar, tweeted on his twitter handle and shot on BJP by saying that,”for finally being successful in order to see him arrested. The IT and ED cases against me are politically motivated and I am a victim of BJP’s politics of vengeance and vendetta,” He also added that he has full faith in “god and in our country’s judiciary and am very confident that i will emerge victorious both legally and politically against this vendetta politics.”

How Are Politicians Reacting On The Situation?

Many politicians have expressed their views openly in this matter. Some came in support of the leader and just stated that this is yet another tactic which the opposition is using to defame them.

Here are some of the tweets by the politicians:

This case certainly is taking new turns everyday. We can just wait and see what is the actual truth.


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