Haar ke bahaut qareeb se hokar guzra hoon,
Ek khwab ki maut ko bahaut paas se dekha hain,
Apno ka bharosa bhi kho kar betha hoon,
Aakhiri ummeed ko bhi dum todte dekha hain,
Yeh to shuruwaat hai safar ki,
Abhi to zamaana mujhe meri aukaat dikhaayega,
Magar chehre par muskaan barkaraar rakhta hoon,
Jaanta hoon,
Apna Time aayega….
Vinod Arya

In this age of rap music and EDMs, Vinod Arya is a name who is making the millennials listen to poems and recite them as well. A CEO by profession, a poet by hobby and a leader by nature, Arya is a true visionary. Apart from being a resourceful entrepreneur at such a young age, he is an overwhelming poet as well whose poems can just melt your heart.  

From A Fabulous Story-Teller To A Passionate Shayar: Vinod Arya
Vinod Arya

From being an employee to an employer

No journey is ever easy, everything has its own struggle. Those who overcome these struggles emerge like a true leader. Arya too had hurdles in his life which he overpowered and now is walking on a path which he ever desired for. In a society that believes that a drop out of a college can never succeed in his life, comes Vinod Arya contradicting the society and appeared as a successful entrepreneur.

Arya Ki Baatein
Arya Ki Baatein

College Life- The Never Settling Vinod Arya

Talking about college life, Arya has explored quite a lot of fields. Started from Sikkim Manipal University as a BCA student, he chose to drop out of college in just 2 months. After dropping out of his first college, he enrolled in Delhi University for Bachelor in Arts. This was not what he wanted and it didn’t satisfy him, he dropped out of college again after two years. The last phase of his college life is when he joined NIIT and dropped out again in just 3 months.

Vinod Arya- An Employee

By this time Arya had taught himself how to tackle unfavorable situations. Experimented immensely with his career Vinod Arya has worked a lot. His career began when he was just an employee in a call center. Later on, he tried on various jobs, constantly shifting from one to another.

“Some people are born leaders and not followers.”

CEO Arya
CEO Arya

Arya comes in the former category, a boss personality. Being a visionary, Vinod Arya always aimed for something big. One distinct feature which makes him a leader is, the fact that he understood at a very early stage, “only hard work and dedication can bring you a success”. Keeping this in mind, he worked diligently towards his future.

Taking risks is very important, without that no one will ever know what they are actually capable of. After taking so many risks in life and career, Arya finally settled for being an entrepreneur and started a media firm “The Kachcha Chittha”.

Currently, the CEO of Kachcha Chittha, Vinod Arya, has indeed had his own fair share of struggles and hardships. But, that did not stop him from furnishing his dreams and from being an employee to an employer.

The Story of A Shayar/Poet

“Ek shayar ki pehchaan uske shabdon se hoti hai. Kuch aise hi shabd hai Vinod Arya ke jo aaj kal kaafi logo ki zubaan pe hai.”

His words speak for itself and don’t need an introduction. Famously known as “arya_writes” on Instagram Arya was not always a romantic shayar or poet. Initially, he began as a patriotic writer, but kisi ka ishq lae dooba, and he started writing romantic poems.  

The passion for writing was always there in Arya, as a child, he used to write horror stories and he would act out those to his sisters. Some of the stories which he wrote as a kid were titled “Saksham” and “Wrong-number” which structured young Arya as a fabulous story-teller.

Every writer has a source of inspiration, which pushes them to be a writer. For Vinod Arya, it was Kumar Vishwas. When Arya began as a writer, he tried to impersonate him. He would recite his own poems in Kumar Vishwas’ style.

Arya- A Patriotic Writer

His poetic journey began in the year 2016 when he wrote his first poem. He started with his very first poem titled “Likhun Main Kya”, which was engulfed with the essence of patriotism. His poems mirrored what he was, which at that time was full of patriotism.

Later on, he entered the realm of social issues.  Highly inspired by social causes, he wrote poems on Women’s Day titled “Haan Main Naari Hun”, Mother’s Day and Father’s day as well. On 23rd March, he wrote a poem on Bhagat Singh which was titled “Main Bhagat Singh ni hu”

A Romantic Tour

Now is a time for a romantic tour, Arya changed his genre a bit. Along with writing, reciting matters as well. One cannot be a poet just by writing. Reciting plays an important part, which he has excelled in. The first time, he recited a poem it was for his beloved wife in a cafe.

Founder Of Wordsutra

The founder of Wordsutra, who is giving a chance to young poets to perform, gave his first performance in The Social House. The poem he chose for this performance is one of his famous and favorite ones, titled, “Tune Kabhi Notice Nahi Kiya”.  

Founder Of Wordsutra
Founder Of Wordsutra
Wordsutra Founder
Arya and Wordsutra

“Tera mujhse dosti Karna,
Mujhe yeh ehsaas de rha tha,
Ab chahe puri duniya se bair ho jaaye,
Mujhe fark ni padta,
Yeh dosti mere liye kitni khaas hai,
“Tune Kabhi notice ni kia”
~ Vinod Arya

“Mohabbat Yaad Aayi, Kaam Yaad Aaya”, is the first poem that was posted on Wordsutra. Day by day with the immense hard work of his and his team, Wordsutra is now a well-known platform for rising and upcoming poets.

“Bahot waqt baad jo mera naam yaad aaya,
Mohabbat yaad aayi ya koi kaam yaad aaya”
~Vinod Arya

Social Media

Arya’s poems constitute love and passion, and the way he recites them adds colors to it. His latest video “Breakup Confession” got 200K views on Youtube

“EK shayar ki mohabbat ho tum
Gamo me bhi muskuraogi,
Abhi abhi toh ishq hua tha mujhe
Abhi abhi toh tu mila tha mujhe
Toh voh yaadein saari mita kar jaana
Aur jab jaana,
Bata ke jaana”
~ Vinod Arya

Constantly active on social media, Vinod Arya is a public figure on Instagram with 40K+ followers and growing. The reason for this fan following is his humble nature and the love which he showers on his fans. Arya also has a YouTube channel by the name “Arya Writes”. You can listen to all his poems in his style on his YouTube channel.

Your lifeline

When it comes to the lifeline, Arya has some different ideology, he says, “Main Jiyega”. Constant support from his family and friends was his all-time strength.

Arya and family
Beloved wife with Toofani Arya

Your advice to your young self.

The one thing that kept him moving ahead is knowing his own potential and credibility. A self-made man, Arya sees every hurdle as an opportunity to learn and grow. According to him, the sole advice he would give to his younger self along with his hundreds and thousands of admirers is to “Never Give Up”.

Dilaasa agar jhootha hai, to jhootha hi sahi,
din raat mujhe jaga kar rakhta hain,
Ye nigaahe kuchh aur dekhna hi nahi chahti,
Wo palko par khwaab saja kar rakhta hain,
Kaura kaagaz sa hoon, pada hoon kisi kaune mein,
Duniya padhne aayegi agar kuchh chhap jaayega,
Mere shabdo ki syaahi cheekh cheekh kar kehti hain,
Apna Time aayega…
~Vinod Arya

He says giving up always seems like an easy escape and the mind could get allured towards it after only trivial failure or obstacles. But the will to hold on and work hard to improve yourself is what would take you to be the person you aspire to be.

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