The world is moving ahead with its speed and we are striving to learn how to uphold our ‘status’ in life. And why not? After all, what else is left in our life apart from a lavish home, our names and status? If all these things can be clubbed together with something, it is ‘money.’
Everything has a journey and destination. While it’s never sure if one will reach the destination, they will definitely walk the path of the journey. Today’s story is about one such journey.
In 2014, two friends lived together. One was studying law and the second engineering. One morning, the boy who was pursuing engineering met with an unfortunate accident, He was the only son of his parents. He succumbed to his injuries. The doctors said that he could have been saved if he was wearing a helmet – something most people hardly care about and take risk against their lives. If he had worn a helmet, his parents would not have lost their child. When the other friend got to know about this incident, it was no less than a major setback for him. But that friend didn’t let the sorrow take over him. Rather, he went on to make some major changes that not only saved the lives of many people but also increased the educational awareness in the country. Let us tell you how it happened and how you can get a “free helmet”.

Who is Helmet Man?

So, this story has two characters. One whose name was Krishna Kumar has died in a road accident. The real name of Helmet Man Hero is Raghavendra Kumar who belongs to Bagri village of Bihar. He learned a lesson from the painful death of his dear friend Krishna. After knowing the cause of death, he began a new initiative and turned the life on a new journey. He started giving free helmets to people who were not wearing one. At the same time, Raghavendra donated the books of Krishna to a poor child.

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The time passed and Raghvendra kept on distributing the helmets. People were happy to find helmets in free and Raghvendra too felt happy by spreading smiles on other’s faces. However, there was something that bothered Raghavendra. He felt that even though he was curbing the lack of helmets, there was still a long way to initiate awareness. People often took the free helmets and never bothered to take this initiative to the next level.
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The story continued till one day Raghvendra received a phone call from a lady. She was the mother of the poor child whom Raghvendra had given the books of Krishna. What she told him, made our Helmet Man happier than ever and also gave him an idea about a new initiative. The mother said that after reading from the free books, her child topped in the area. Raghvendra thought of an idea where he will give helmets to people in exchange for old books. This will not just ensure safety but also spread awareness. He will later donate the books to the needy students who can’t study further due to lack of funds. By donating books, people can also become a part of this campaign and earn their share of goodness.
From then on, our helmet man started the work of giving helmets in exchange of books.

Not Just a Story of Change But Hardships Too

The great famous saying, “To get something, something has to be lost.” – and everything has a price. Our Helmet Man too paid the price for the campaign. He used all his income to buy the helmets for distribution. He sold his house too. To devote himself fully in this campaign, he also left his lucrative job in Microsoft.
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In the beginning, even his family didn’t support him completely. They used to question his actions and decision of leaving a job for such an initiative. Not just the family, but his relatives and friends too started asking such questions. But now when they understand the greatness of Raghvendra’s campaign and happy faces of children, everyone supports the Helmet Man.
Raghavendra is now 32 years old and is a father of two and a half-year-old child. His initiative has now reached around nine states including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Delhi, Jharkhand, West Bengal to name a few. Over the past 5 years, he has distributed around 20,000 helmets and donated books to almost 1.5 lakh children.

ER11 Book Bank

Well, this is the name of the book bank through which our Helmet Man offers books to the poor and needy students across the country. The specialty of this book bank is that if you have any old book, put it in this box and take a book that you need. When this box is filled up, books are taken out and distributed to the students for free. Raghavendra appeals everyone to be a part of this book bank. You too can get your old books and take a new helmet!

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It is going to be almost five years since Raghavendra began this campaign but it has not reached every corner of the country. That’s why it is essential that our Government implement this campaign in every state and offer funds to spread this campaign all over the country. Not only will it curb the deaths due to road accidents in the country, but also offer good education to the children of poor families.

Another Dream Waiting to Become a Reality

During a conversation, Helmet Man told us that he is preparing a list that includes the names of children who are taking us books and giving them. The reason behind this is amazing. He said that if any of these children reached a big moment like qualifying the IITs, he would recommend to the state government to offer scholarships to such students. Around 11 students will go ahead in education in this way.

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To meet Helmet Man and give any help other than the old books, you can contact him at the number given below:

Helmet Man Raghvendra Kumar8510006477

Raghvendra is going to distribute helmets in exchange of book on June 1.

This is a translated version of our story on Kachcha Chittha Hindi.

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