The most hyped show ever Game Of Thrones has ended with its final season. People had a lot of mixed emotions regarding season 8. While some liked it, others said it was not up to the mark. After the end of season 8, people made speculations about the prequel of Game Of Thrones, that is, House Of Dragons. which will have around 10 episodes

House Of Dragons Is There A Prequel To Game Of Thrones

House Of Dragons

House Of Dragons is the prequel project which focuses on the Targaryen Civil War. However, it was believed that the work is still under process. But recently, some reports said that the show has been canceled by HBO. We are still not sure about the final decision.

It seems like, the prequel died before it even came into the market. The project was to be set about 300 years before events in the original series. It would have told the story of House Targaryen and the early days of Westeros.

House Of Dragons Is There A Prequel To Game Of Thrones

The showrunner Jane Goldman announced that the series, which was rumored to have been called Bloodmoon or The Long Night is dead.

Although HBO has not confirmed the series’ status, a page promoting the prequel on the HBO website, which was online until October 29, now returns a 404. HBO has not updated the details about the cancellation of the series yet.

All the GOT fans have been excited about the new prequel. The show has lifted the bar to a whole new level and made the audience think and predict the story before Westeros.

House Of Dragons Is There A Prequel To Game Of Thrones

The Pilot Prequel

The series was to be distinct from GOT in look and feel; and notably did not include dragons given House Targaryen had yet to rise. However, it would have included early Starks and Lannisters.

The original Game of Thrones famously had a disastrous pilot episode too, but there was enough obvious potential remaining that HBO decided to order the series anyway.

House Of Dragons Is There A Prequel To Game Of Thrones

The surviving prequel pilot is written by Ryan Condal (Colony) and is based on Martin’s Fire and Blood, a history of House Targaryen that spans roughly 150 years. Like the other prequel, the story takes place long before the events it GoT.

The new pilot also takes place during a time in Westeros that has plenty of dramatic established history. Penned by Martin to serve as a backbone for a story, the other pilot only had some vague references to build on.

Whether the prequel exists or not is still a mystery by HBO. Just like the other seasons, if the prequel exists, it will have a lot of excitement and thrill.

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