Work. Save. Travel. Repeat – This is one of the life mantras I follow and trust me, you too can walk on this path easily.

For me travelling is like a party where you celebrate the beauty of life. See the awesome nature, meet wonderful people and not to forget, have yummy food!

Budget travel


Kai baar people are like we don’t have the budget, how can we go, it’ll get too expensive and blah blah. But you know guys, all these are just some frail excuses that push your travel dreams farther from you. No doubt money is very important in travelling but if you follow the right tips, you can travel anywhere with a low budget.

To help you out, I have listed below some of the top travel tips that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Take a look!

  • Do Your Research and Book in Advance

Don’t just get on with your trip without a plan. A budget trip needs a lot of planning and research. Be it choosing the destination or booking cheap hotels, you ought to give yourself enough time to make the right decision. Also, it’s important to know about the destination so that you don’t pay extra for things.

Budget travel


What else? Umm, you can also contact your friends who might have visited the place and get a clear picture of your plan. Once the research is done, make the bookings in advance to save your precious bucks!

  • Plan During Off-Season

Every travel destination has a peak season and if you are visiting it that time, toh barbad ho jaoge dost. Why? Well, during such season, tariffs on hotels, flights, and transport is quite high. Try booking a flight to Goa on New Year and you’ll know what we are talking about.

Thus, to travel cheap, go for the off-season. This won’t just save you money but also as there will be less crowd, you’ll have peace and fun at the destinations.

  • Ditch Hotels and Go to Hostels

Thanks to the travel blast in India, you’ll find plenty of cool and affordable hostels in almost every popular destination of India. These hostels are not just cheap but also give you a totally different experience of meeting new travellers. Some of these travellers are international giving you the chance to explore different culture too.

Budget Travel


Some of the popular travel hostels in India are Zostal, Nomad Hostel, YHAI hostels, Jugaad, Moustache and so on. Just google, “Budget hostels in India” and you’ll come across plenty of quirky ones giving the best stay!

  • Take Public Transport

You can save a lot if you choose public transport during travelling. Once when I was travelling in Almora, Uttarakhand. The cost of travelling from Almora to Nainital (my next destination) via cab was 1200. While the bus was charging something around 100. This makes it quite clear that if you are travelling on a budget, try to opt for public transport. It may feel a bit uncomfortable but then you guys are young blood and travelling k liye itna to chalta hai yaar.

Budget travelAnd it’s not just the buses but also trains that you can use for travelling. They give you a great experience. Try travelling to Shimla in Toy Train and you’ll love it more than the cab ride.

  • Go With Group

While travelling, jitne zyada log utna kam kharcha! So, call as many friends and plan a group trip. This way you can split the expenses and even travel in luxury. Also, travelling with friends is something we all must do.

Budget travel


And now that you know it saves you money too, we’re sure you’ll be quite excited to fulfill your goa dream this year.

  • Don’t Shop

We know it’s hard not to buy anything but trust us, these souvenirs are priced too high. If you really wish to buy them, head to a local market instead of high-end shops. There, you can also strike a good bargain and get good stuff home.

Done reading? Well, then wait no more and start planning your budget trip. Happy travelling!




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