Changing names of the cities in India is in trend for quite a while now. After Allahabad became Prayagraj and Faizabad district renamed as Ayodhya, its turn for Bakhtiyarpur now.


Akhil Bhartiya Sant Samiti is seeking a change in the name of Bihar’s Bakhtiyarpur town and railway station. They wrote to the CM of Bihar:

“It is time to undo the sins of the past by remaining the town and the railway station.”

Bakhtiyarpur was named after Muhammad Bin Bakhtiya Khalji. He was the military general of Slave Dynasty founder Qutubuddin Aibak. He also destroyed the famed Nalanda University in Bihar in the 12th century.

The body appealed that the town should be renamed after economic philosoher Chanakya. If not Chanakya then Buddhist monk Shilbhadra or after the historical ‘Indrapushkarni’ lake near the Nalanda ruins.

The Letter For Bakhtiyarpur

Swami Jitendranand Sarawati, general secretary of Akhil Bhartiya Sant Samiti said,

“It was a matter of grave concern that an oppressor like Bakhtiyar Khalji was still being glorified. Khalji has destroyed the Nalanda University and burnt down its library containing 90 lakh books.”

Bihar is a land of Buddhist educational institution and it was named after Buddhist viharas. Budhha walked these lands and we are proud of it. He also said:

“In the land of the Budhha, should we keep towns and stations named after someone who has destroyed these institutions?”

The letter also remarked: “For any self-respecting nation nothing can be more painful and harmful than the fact that someone who destroyed the pride of the nation is being revered by having a town and railway station after him.”

Renaming Cities

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has renamed various cities and station. The government renamed the Mughalsarai Junction railway station as Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Junction. Later, Allahabad was changed as Prayagraj. Now, Union Minister and BJP MP from Bihar demanded that Bakhtiyarpur should be renamed.

What do you think about renaming cities? Does renaming cities makes any sense or is it just for the political benefits and interests? Share your views below in the comment section.


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