Imagine you took a flight somewhere of just three hours, but instead, it took 37 years to land. If this seems unrealistic or even slightly absurd to you, then keep reading to surprise yourself.


Pan American flight 914, a name or rather a mystery that has thrown all the historians and conspiracy enthusiasts into the abyss of perplexion for over a decade. Various theories and stories have come forth. Some are attempting to justify it while others are trying to discard all the allegations.

What Is Pan Am Flight 914?

The story of the notorious Pan American flight is quite intriguing. The infamous flight took off from New York on July 2, 1955, with almost 57 passengers. The flight was scheduled to land after just three hours on its destination. However, it suddenly and mysteriously enough disappeared from the radar. There were no signs of the plane whatsoever.

Moreover, the radar on the control towers of Miami did not show any coming aircraft nor did they receive any disrupted signals. The flight that got vanished from mid-air baffled everyone at the control room at Miami station. They, therefore, decided to contact the New York Station.


The abstruseness hiked up when they failed to contact the pilots of the plane. It seemed like the plane has simply vanished into the thin air leaving no traces of the plane itself or the people traveling in it.

Investigations Followed Immediately

It did not take long for the investigations to take off. During the investigation, the authorities noticed that Pan American flight went over the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, a possible crash into the ocean could not be avoided. Without wasting much time, rescue teams were sent to carry out the rescue operations. However, to their utter disappointment, not a single piece of both, the flight as well as the people were found.

Soon enough, an official announcement was made even though the case was not really solved, that the plane has crashed. No one, including the authorities, could explain what had happened to Pan American flight, how and where it crashed.

Landed 37 Long Years Later

37 years later, on September 9, 1992, the answers to all those questions and queries which were left unattended started surfacing again. One fine day, a flight seemingly out of nowhere, started showing on the radar system of Caracas control system. It was as if the plane had emerged out of nowhere. The people in the control room initially thought it was a mistake until they saw the plane approaching.

It was only when the plane came close that they noticed that it was an old DC-4 McDonnell Douglas Aircraft. Such planes were still in use but were mostly replaced by modern ones. The queerness doubled when the pilot of the mysterious flight asked “where are we?” to which the bewildered controller replied, “You are closing in on the Caracas airport”.

He further enquired where the flight was headed to. The reply to which came after a considerable pause. The pilot gave them the details of the flight and to his profound shock revealed that they were scheduled to land at 9.55 am on July 2, 1955.

Pan American flight 914 had landed 1100 kilometers away from its destination.

The controller – trying not to make the situation worse – informed the pilot about the current time. Interestingly enough, after knowing the date and time, the baffled pilots decided to take off once again despite people at the control room warning them to not do so. With that, they once again vanished into the air and till this date have not been found.

False Claims?


Over the years, there have been many disputes over the credibility of the entire event.
However, the actual hype started not when the plane landed but a few years later when a tabloid named ‘Weekly World News’ first covered this story in 1985. Later, the same newspaper printed the story twice with some additional details and information. The picture of the aircraft controller was also different from the 1985 version. Therefore, it was hugely announced fake.

Various Justifications and Theories Came Forth

When things started settling down, one thing kept popping up on the internet which fueled the curiosity of the paranormal enthusiasts. It was a small pocket calendar that somehow was left behind at the Caracas airport runway when the plane took off. But what was so weird about a simple pocket calendar?

Well, the calendar was from the year 1955, the exact year, Pan American flight took off. Once again there is no actual proof of its existence.

Ever since that incident, several people and organizations came up trying to explain the preposterous event by various theories. Some said it was just a fictional work while others claim that the flight had actually landed on Miami and the people in the flight went back to their respective families, looking exactly how they looked 37 years ago; without aging a bit. This, however, could not be justified since there was no materialistic proof for this.


One of the famous theories also asserted that the Bermuda Triangle, a water body in the Atlantic Ocean, must have something to do with the disappearance of the mysterious plane. Over the last few years, several planes have been crashed into the Bermuda triangle. However, investigators have put down this possibility for the disappearance of Pan Am Flight 914.

Joining the Curious Train

The YouTube channel of the Bright side decided to take up this mystery-infused event and attempted to cover it from all the angles. The viral video has more than 12 million views. It was only in the end that they revealed the possibility of it being a fictional story.


Another youtube channel named “Alien Investigations” gave a detailed account of all the information gathered over the years. However, the host concluded that he did not believe in the story. Although, he did agree that he while investigating he came across some really fascinating details, that could neither be proven right or false.

The Bottom Line

Even to this date people are curious and are going the extra mile to collect relevant details. The opinions of this event are surely divided majorly into two. What is interesting is the fact that neither of the claims has been proved with certainty. Perhaps this is just talking or maybe a huge conspiracy. What do you think?

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