If a movie is made on the current tussle in Maharashtra politics, chances are high it will become one of the most thrilling and supense films in India. The way things are taking turn every passing day; we can’t help but wonder what will happen on November 9.

Maharashtra Politics

From meetings to passing statements, a lot has happened since the results of Maharashtra elections have been declared. The tussle between Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) and Shiv Sena has been grabbing the headlines everyday. The question – who will be the CM? – has become a KBC question with no right answer till now.

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No Government by Nov 9: What Will Happen?

In the Maharashtra Assembly elections, the BJP won 105 seats. Its alliance the Shiv Sena has won 56 seats. As far as the Opposition is concerned; Congress won 44 seats, while the NCP won 54 seats in Maharashtra.

Now the Maharashtra Assembly has total 288 seats and a party needs to have a majority of 145 seats to form the government. Now, in such scenario, BJP and Shiv Sena can make the sarkar through gathbandhan; however, they are facing power distribution trouble.


As compared to Lok Sabha elections, BJP’s performance has dipped and thus; Shiv Sena is aiming to get a bigger power share. The Sena has demanded “equal formula for sharing of power” or a 50:50 formula which is definitely what the BJP is not ready for. No resolute decision has been taken by the parties on this tussle.

Since there are still clouds of doubt over who will form the government in Maharashtra, many people are wondering what will happen if nobody wins.

Here is the answer:

As per the rules, if no government is made by November 9(when the term of the current legislative assembly expires), a President’s rule will transpire in Maharashtra. But before that, the Governor of the state will invite the single largest party to form the government.

As per BBC, in the current scenario of Maharashtra; the Governor will call BJP to form the government. If BJP accepts the invitation, it will get 15 days to get majority. In case it fails to do so, the next party in the list will get the chance to prove majority.


Now, if no party is able to reach the majority or deny the invitation; the Governor will inform the President and lead to President’s rule in the state. During the president rule, the Governor will head the proceedings of the state as a representative of the President.

On Tuesday, senior leader Sanjay Raut reiterated the Shiv Sena’s stand saying that the next CM will be from their party; changing the politics of Maharashtra. He said:

“Chief Minister will be from Shiv Sena only and not Sharad Pawar. The face and politics of Maharashtra is changing, you will see. What you call hungama (commotion), is not hungama, but the fight for justice and rights. Victory will be ours,”

Well, no doubt that politics will change but if that change will be constructive or destructive; only time will tell.

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