Menstruation and Masturbation, the two taboo words which are not much talked about in our society. While the one is slowly breaking its shatters, the other, that is, the masturbation is still hushed about especially when it comes to women.
Puberty is something that happens naturally, it is not something that we can control. Everything starts to change, from your body to your voice to your perception of things. It also leads to not yet experienced sexual urges. While masturbation for men is deemed as acceptable, unavoidable and even healthy, masturbation for women, however, is still considered not only unhealthy but something that should never be acknowledged.
In an interview the co-founder and CEO of ‘The Unbound’ said, “Told from the get-go that their sexuality is to be controlled and contained, girls aren’t taught about masturbation, so many view it as unnatural or even shameful.”
Acknowledging the restrictions of knowledge that they are given on the topic, he said, “They’re also rarely taught about their own pleasure when it comes to sex. This means that not only are they unaware about sources of pleasure, they’re often too embarrassed or scared to explore them.”
While there can be found thousand different synonyms for male masturbation such as jerking off, beating it, shucking the corn, whipping the bishop and so on, there are hardly any for female masturbation. This very fact enforces the fact that women’s sexual pleasures and desires are always hushed about. Making it extremely difficult for women to articulate themselves properly when it comes to sex.
Menstruation is yet another taboo topic regarding women, however, lately there have been a lot of movements, campaigns, and workshops which are encouraging and at the same time educating people about the same. As a result, people are slowly getting comfortable with the idea of periods.

“The dreaded period… Nobody dared talk about it. Instead of just saying ‘I have or she has her period,’ terms like ‘on the rag’ were whispered in hopes that nobody would find out your current situation… Awkward.”  Says Barb, a young girl, recalling the awkward talks.”

These taboos need to be shattered and educating not only young generations but also the old would help in having a healthy cultural, social life for both girls and boys.


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