The fugitive diamantaire Nirav Modi has reportedly threatened to kill himself if the authorities forcefully take him to India. The infamous businessman was arrested from Holborn, the United Kingdom on March 19. He is facing extradition dealings ever since.

He was suffering from depression and was also assaulted by another inmate in the cell at the Wandsworth prison in London.


Bailed Denied Again For Nirav Modi

Nirav Modi who was facing charges of almost $2 Billion PNB (Punjab National Bank) fraud and money laundering case, was brought in front of Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot at Westminster Magistrates’ Court. This was his fourth attempt for bail.

The past is a prediction of what might happen in the future,” said Judge Arbuthnot. She also stated that there are high chances that he would interfere with the witnesses or even fail to surrender in front of the court for his trial in May 2020.

Not only this, but she also exclaimed that she would not change her decision of denying his bail even on the grounds that he is suffering from “depression”.

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The court, however, denied his bail request in spite of an offer of an “unprecedented bail package”. The bail package apparently included 4 billion pounds in security along with house arrest.

Modi is finding means to flee from UK

James Lewis, who is appearing for the CPS ( Crown Prosecution Service) questioned the bail application since there had not been any material change from the previous three occasions. He further exclaimed that Modi has ceaselessly attempting to find the means and intention to run away from the UK.

Lewis said, “He has said he will kill himself if his extradition is ordered, that in itself is the strongest motivation for someone to abscond”

A Strong Defense Rushed In

While Modi’s advocate Hugo Keith, trying to defend his client reminded the court of an attack on Modi earlier on Wednesday. Wherein, two inmates forced themselves into his cell, kicked him to the floor and punched him in the face.

He said, “It is obvious that it was a targeted attack following renewed media coverage recently in which Modi is wrongly referred to as a billionaire diamantaire”.


He further accused the Indian government of hampering the reputation of the businessman by titling him as a “world-class schemer”.

Keith argued at length that the fact that Nirav Modi could not prepare for his case from inside the prison should be acknowledged. The prison did not give him the resources but kept him “isolated and vulnerable” for more than 22 hours a day.

The judge on its part failed to intervene in giving the prison authorities the directions to allow him access to a computer so that he could prepare his defense in the case.

India is Seeking Extradition Of Nirav Modi

48-year-old Nirav Modi along with his uncle Mehul Choski who was the main accused in the Punjab National Bank fraud case has fled the country in January last year just before the entire scam came into the limelight.

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Not much later, he was arrested on March 19 by Scotland Yard in connection with the same case. Nirav Modi has not returned to India despite repeated legal calls from the Indian research agencies and courts. India is attempting his extradition in order to punish him for all the economical offenses he had committed over the past few years.

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