Saand Ki Aankh was in controversy for many reasons. But that didn’t stop it from getting success. The filmed proved itself and Tapsee Pannu and Bhumi Pednekar triumphed on their inspiring story about two women fighting patriarchy and breaking the norms and rising to fame.

The Movie

The film is all set to release on October 25 and is collecting all the praise it deserves from everyone around Bollywood and also from the audience. The movie is directed by Tushar Hiranandani and has Tapsee Pannu and Bhumi Pednekar in lead playing the dynamic duo of “The Shooter Dadi”.

The movie holds the audience in a thread with the impeccable direction, the amazing acting and also the inspiring story of the Dadis. Casting controversies aside and taking a leap of faith, Saand Ki Aankh has proved its worth.

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Watch the trailer here:

The Story Of “Saand Ki Aankh”

It is based on the life of India’s oldest sharpshooters and sister-in-laws. Chandro is played by Bhumi and Prakashi is played by Taapsee belonging from a small village Johri in Uttar Pradesh.

Connecting from being newlyweds to giving birth to one baby after the other, Shooter dadis spent most of their life without a purpose. They might hate all the norms of their life but they learnt the way to live and accept the patriarchal ways of society. 

The shooter dadis realised their passion when they were in their sixties. It was at that time when they held a gun for the first time. All credits goes to Dr Yashpal (Viineet Singh)- an aspiring doctor who wanted to open a shooting academy in the village. 

After that, it was just a run of countless competitions for the Daadis, as they kept adding medals in their collection.

They were able to do all this keeping it a secret from their family. Not just this, they also encouraged their granddaughters Shefali and Seema to follow their passion and secure their future.

The Director

Tushar not only portrayed the ugly side of the society where patriarchy still is present in the roots of India.

In the very beginning of the movie, women are told that they are only made for doing household chores and should always have a colourful dupatta covering their faces, so their husband knows who to go to bed with. While the men in the house are just busy smoking hookah and basically doing nothing, women are sweating out hard in the fields and also at homes.

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Both Tapsee and Bhumi master the role with that accent and with their acting.

Both the actresses proved themselves and did a great job. They both are shining without overpowering each other’s role. All the other characters of the movie also looked quite promising and everyone did a great portrayal of their roles.

The Finish Line

Without adding too much melodrama to the movie, Tushar tried to show the actual reality of the society and raised important points through his movies such as women empowerment and patriarchy.

The director certainly knew how to bring the best out of each character and the acting and direction made people forget to look at the fake wrinkles or the makeup which they were mentioned earlier.

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