Discussing periods is still a taboo in society, that some of the women are not even aware of periods, like when they hit their first period and the gap between their cycle. People usually not bother about this or not discuss it. But it’s one of the important things that should be discussed.

Do you know or even think about irregular periods? An irregular period is called oligomenorrhea, if you’re facing it then there is nothing to worry as it’s a common issue in women. Rather than worrying, women should discuss and take some steps for irregular periods.

The average gap in the two periods is 28 days but some women face untimely menstruation like before the date or sometimes it’s delayed by more than a week. If you’re facing this, it’s called irregular periods. The causes of irregular periods are excessive consumption of alcohol, extra caffeine consumption, stress, travel etc.

To help you out, here are some foods that will help you to treat Untimely Menstruation.

1. Papaya

Apart from producing heat, the fruit is useful in regulating menstrual flow. Eating papaya on daily basis helps to contract muscle fibers in a uterus. But do not consume papaya during periods.

2. Ginger

With many benefits such as improving cold and digestion, Ginger is good for regulating the menstrual cycle and also heals the pain. Ginger is riched with Vitamin C and magnesium that will help in dealing with delayed periods. Everyday indulges yourself in boiled water with ginger and some sugar.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric is called as a medical herb, it relieves menstrual pain, regulates blood flow to the uterus and help in balancing hormones. Take a 1/4th teaspoon of turmeric with honey and milk.

4. Cinnamon

A glass full of warm milk and powdered cinnamon will help you in regular periods. It regulates the menstrual cycle and also provides a warming effect. Cinnamon is effective to cure menstrual pain.

5. Carom seeds

Carrom seeds is another spice that will cure the pain and useful in regulating menstrual flow. Gulping down boiled water with carom seeds helps in preventing menstrual cramps and irregular periods.

6. Pineapple

An enzyme called Bromelain is found in pineapples which softens the line of the uterus and regulating periods timely. It’s a popular home remedy for menstrual issues.

7. Jaggery

Jaggery helps in timely menstruation as we know that it has a warming effect. People even prefer to eat Jaggery during winters to get heat in the body.

8. Buttermilk

Buttermilk contains vitamins, potassium, calcium that will help in curing irregular periods and the cramps during menstruation.

If you know any other remedy or food to cure irregular periods, let us know in the comments section below.


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