It is not too often that we hear incidents where humanity is upheld above everything else, especially when it comes to financial matters. It’s a basic human tendency to greed for something that you don’t have by exploiting what you have already got.

We are living in a world where people are competing ardently with each other. Coming across someone who chooses to put money, fame aside is indeed a rare scenario.

In a time when money rules everyone’s world, a 54-year-old man from Satara district of Maharashtra showcased an astonishing act, by setting up an apt example of honesty.

Dhanaji Jagdale: Man Who Put Honesty Above Money

For Dhanaji Jagdale, making the two ends meet has never been an easy task. His day is engulfed with him tolling hard on odd jobs to secure his meals. However, he is currently overwhelmed with massive praise from everyone around the country for his deed.

Jagdale had found around Rs. 40,000 cash lying at a bus stop on Diwali. The amount is certainly big enough to make one rethink their morals and principles. But not for Jagdale because he was sure of what he exactly wanted to do with that money.

He returned it to its rightful owner without taking a tad bit from the amount.

Not only this, when the distressed owner found his lost money, he decided to give Jagdale Rs. 1000 as a reward. Jagdale refused the amount and instead only took Rs. 7 for the bus fare to commute to his native Pingali village in Satara’s Maan taluka. He only asked for the money because at that time he only had Rs. 3 in his pocket.

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What Dhanaji Jagdale said

Jagdale said, “ I had gone to Dahiwadi for Diwali for some work and returned to the bus stop. I found a bundle of notes nearby. I asked people around and finally found a man distressed and looking for something. I soon found out the cash bundle belonged to him,”


He further added,

“He told me the bundle contained Rs 40,000. He had collected it for his wife’s surgery. He wanted to give me Rs 1,000 but I took only Rs 7 as the bus fare to my village is Rs 10 and I only had Rs 3 in my pocket,”

Praised By Everyone For His Deed

Till now, he has been praised and approached by so many politicians, organizations, and eminent personalities. These include Satara BJP MLA Shivendraraje Bhosale and former MP Udayanraje Bhosale.

He, however, refused any reward from them as well. What’s even more interesting is the fact that Jagdale who has become an overnight hero, has refused an offer of a whopping Rs. 5 lakh by a citizen of Koregaon tehsil, Rahul Barge, who is currently living in America.

When asked about why he refused the reward money, Dhanaji Jagdale replied that money was never allured him and he only intends to spread the positive message of honesty.
He said, “I think by taking someone’s money, one would not get satisfaction. The only message I want to spread is that people should live honestly,”

The Bottom Line

This pure act of honesty by Jagdale has certainly set an example for everyone. His act of kindness and humanity is even more praise-worthy considering the fact that he himself had limited resources.

If people start following his message, a corruption-free India would not be too far away. We can only hope, this message reaches all those dark corners of the society which screams for modulations the most.

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