If you hate people or just say tired of everything and want to take a break from the chaotic city life, then Waichin Valley in Himachal Pradesh is a perfect spot for you. A village around 4 km above Malana is a beautiful space, unknown to most of humanity. The population of the place is very low and no roads for car/buses to reach Waichin. So, the only way to reach Waichin is trekking, first reach Malana Gate and then trek for magic valley starts from there.

It’s time to pack your bags and explore this hidden place in the Himalayas. The place known as Magic Valley or Waichin Village is known for its mesmerizing beauty with awestruck and fascinating views.

The place isn’t polluted and the purity of the environment will give you comfort and relaxation. In winters, people who live there shift down to Jari as it’s impossible to survive there due to temperature.


There are many places to visit like Solang valley, Kasol but this Valley in Himachal is special because of less population, less pollution out there. There are no cafes, restaurants in the valley which means no hustle.

The tents are quite less here but you could easily find a one and they will also offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Don’t forget to carry a charger, batteries because the only source to charge your mobile phone is a solar panel. It totally depends on the weather of Waichin on that particular day. The best time to visit here is the month of September.

People living in cities often want to visit such places where they could find some comfort and if you’re one of those people then you should go to Himachal’s Waichin Valley. Those who seek solace and some personal quality time, they can spend their weekend in this valley. From snow falling in the mountains to the waterfall and to the spectacular sunrise and sunset, this hidden village is heaven.

Waichin Valley is a perfect camping spot where you get a chance to explore yourself away from city life. You can spend the whole day staring at majestic views and counting the stars during the night. If you’re not convinced yet, search Waichin Valley and take a look at pictures that will convince you to pack your bags right now.

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