On Tuesday, a group of foreign delegation visited the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This sudden visit put forward a lot of questions on the authenticity and reasons behind the tour. Many took to Twitter to criticised the Modi government to allow European parliamentarians visit the state when it is already dealing with lockdown.


However, with time, it was revealed that the tour was neither organized by the European government nor the Indian government. In fact, it was an event organized by a woman named Madi Sharma. That’s when things began to look more suspecious. We tried to find out who this woman is and how did she get the chance to make the VIPs meet PM Modi and convince him to allow them visit Kashmir.

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After a bit of research; here is what we found about Madi Sharma:

Madi Sharma is a businesswoman who owns Madi group which is has both private and non-for-profit companies. The company follows a “philosophy to create innovative ideas tailored to local action which can achieve global impacts beneficial to society.” She is also known to be heading WESTT (Women’s Economic and Social Think Tank).

Madi Sharma

The Women’s Economic Forum’s website describes her as “International Business Broker, Education Entrepreneur; speaker” and the leader of the Madi group. Madi’s Women’s Economic and Social Think Tank is a part of the Madi group conglomerate, “international private and social enterprises and NGOs”.

Screenshot of Madi Sharma’s website

Madi Sharma also has a profile website – http://madisharma.org/ which is filled with motivational quotes, including that of Mahatma Gandhi’s. She transforms new quotes too:

 “Gandhi Said ‘You must be the Change YOU want to see.’ Madi says, ‘You must be the Change YOU want to see – NO EXCUSES!’

At the website, she claims to be UK member of The European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels.

Her Twitter account has only 3,192 followers. In short, her link to BJP is quite dubious till now.

The Kashmir Trip

As per the research, WESTT conducted the Kashmir tour in coordination with an organisation International Institute for Non-Aligned Studies (IINS). With an office in Delhi, IINS has apparently funded the trip.

Last year too, Madi organized a trip of EU delegation to Maldives.

Madi Sharma sent out the invitation to various European MPs. In the mail, she promised them “meeting with PM Narendra Modi as well as a visit to Kashmir.” The first mail was sent on October 7 which promised a three-day India tour: “The meeting with the Prime Minister is scheduled for 28th October, with a visit to Kashmir on 29th and a press conference on 30th.”

It added that “flight and accommodations will be covered and are sponsored by the International Institute for Non-Aligned Studies”.

Recently, UK Liberal Democrats MP Chris Davies claimed that he was also invited by Madi Sharma but his invitation was ” promptly withdrawn by Indian authorities after he insisted on being allowed to speak freely with locals without being accompanied by security forces.”

As per National Herald, the decision of withdrawal showed that Indian government is trying to hide the “reality of its actions”. He also said:

“I am not prepared to take part in a PR stunt for the Modi government and pretend that all is well. It is very clear that democratic principles are being subverted in Kashmir, and the world needs to start taking notice,” 

After all these reports, Madi Sharma is now trending on twitter with people questioning her links with the BJP:

Well whoever Madi Sharma is, one thing is for sure that she has strong connection with the ruling government. Seems like opposition leaders should contact her if they want to take a tour of Kashmir!

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