Ayushmann Khuranna has made his name in Bollywood and has reached a level where no one can match him. The versatile actor is back with yet another family entertainer based on a social cause. Ayushmann has again nailed his role in Bala and made the film ‘the biggest entertainer of 2019’.

Watched Bala Yet Here Are Some Tweets Which Will Help You Decide

Bala: The Story

Bala is the story of a man who is suffering from premature balding. Yeah, many people can relate to it! Losing hair is a nightmare!

The story revolves around Balmukund aka Bala, who is still a schoolboy. When he was in school he was too proud of his lehrate kaale baal. A heartthrob of the school used to attract people through his mimicry skills. Too proud Bala always used to make fun of his bald class teacher and his dark-complexioned classmate in front of the entire school.

But every sin has a pashchyatap, and this pashcyatap was made by Bala when he faced premature balding and lost his ghane kaale baal. Seeing Bala’s bald head, his girlfriend of 15 years has left him for a much better looking guy. It hurts!

Bala also got demoted of his post in his marketing job of selling fairness cream. Facing a true struggle in his life, Bala opted for various remedies to get his pride back. But unfortunately, none of them were of any use.

After a series of failed attempts, Bala started sticking a hair patch on his head. This decision of Bala leads to a series of hilarious but serious events that have a harsh impact on his life. To know more obviously you need to watch the movie.

The Cast

The cast of Bala is remarkable. Ayushmann, Bhumi and Yami are the lead characters of the movie. Along with them, the movie would have been incomplete without the great acting from Saurabh Shah, Jaaved Jaffery, Sunita Rajbar, Abhishek Banerjee and Seema Pahwa. Amar Kaushik has definitely created a team of some great entertainers.

Watched Bala Yet Here Are Some Tweets Which Will Help You Decide
The Social Cause

Behind every script which Aysuhmann Khuranna selects there is a social event which is prevailing in the society. This series continues with Bala as well. If you see from societal standards of beauty this movie fights several taboo topics.

Without hurting anyone’s sentiments and no compromise in laughter, the movie tells about the stereotypes in India. How a female is always judged and a male gets away even with so many faults. There are several instances in the movie which show the harsh reality of society.

This movie is not only a celebration of Bollywood but also its critique. Bollywood also has set some stereotypes about beauty. Bhumi Pednekar is playing a girl with dark-skin, which does not appear consistent in the film. Instead of Bhumi, they could have taken a girl who fulfills the requirement.

Twitter Reactions

For those who have not seen Bala yet, can surely take a look at the Twitter reactions received by the movie. Here are some of the reactions,

These are the reactions given by the audience who has watched the movie. Now, it’s up to you!

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