India is known for its culture and diversity and the set of stereotypes it comes with. Yes! It may sound slightly biiter, but sadly it is the hard truth. Stereortyping is done by almost evryone in almost every state of the country.

People always get stereotyped, no matter where they belong to. But in India, we do it in quite a different way. We stereotype people based on their respective states.

Different states would carry along with it different, often times, weird stereotypes with them. People belonging to these states are, as a result, have to face them involuntarily. We just need to face it and obviously answer the question.

Let us go through all these stereotypes that we have to face.

Different Stereotypes From Different State

  • People From Bihar– This will relate to all the people who are from Bihar and might have come across this question many times.

“Aap bihar se ho na, aapne UPSC diya hai”?

“Yaar aapke state main to sab garib hote hai na?”

Like people know to judge too well. Well, these are just two questions, there are many more and the list won’t stop.

  • People From Uttar Pardesh– People from Uttar Pradesh and always hear this dialogue from literally everyone, “ Aapke yaha sab paan khate hai?”, “Sab log katta leke ghumte hai, sabko maar dete ho aap log?” well, if this line was even 1% true, then the person asking this question would have been dead for sure. 
  • People From Punjab– The most common question which is asked by almost every Punjabi is “ you guys like butter chicken only right” or “offering a drink to any random Punjabi because we assume that all Punjabis love to drink”, also “Punjabis are short-tempered”. Well, these things do not depend on a state, it is a person’s choice.
  • People From Haryana-Yaar tum log to bas khetto main kaam karte ho na?”, “you guys eat a lot of ghee right?”. These are some of the most irritating questions. Like even if a person is from Haryana and do those things why do people find a need to point it out. There is absolutely no reason to do that, and these stereotypes just make people insecure and nothing else.
  • People From Rajasthan– Rajasthan relates with many negative stereotypes and people look at Rajasthan as a very under- developing country. The constantly asked question which is asked is “You must be married right?” even to an 18-year-old kid, because of child marriage. Also “Yaar tujhe padhne Kaise Diya, tu Rajasthan se hai na?” 
  • People From Kerala-  People from Kerala hate being called “South Indians” or even “mallus” but we do it all the time. They instantly being categorized as “Madrasis” without people even trying to find out their specific region.
  • Everyone must be aware of the whole coconut stereotypical sentence used almost every time when we meet a Malayalee. Also “Tumhare pass Kitna gold hota hai” and “get me something from the gulf?”  remains one of the most asked questions of the era.
  • People From Gujarat– Gujjus hate being called Gujjus and they do not put sugar in everything guys. “Rajesh, Kamlesh, Vimlesh, Brijesh… are not the only names given to their babies”. Also, not everyone not owns a shop in the UK, or have a Gujarati accent We should stop stereotyping them based on literally everything.
  • People From Delhi–  People in Delhi always get to hear about the amount of pollution they city have and also a lot of abusive words. “Bhai tumhara bhai sambhal lega” and “ Tu Jaanta Hai Mera baap kon hai”? Are the dialogues which are used in every show and everywhere to depict Delhi people.
  • People From Kolkata- People from Kolkata always just hear about two things either fish or Rabindra Sangeet. We have considered them only in two categories. Either that they eat fish all the time or either they just listen to Rabindra Nath songs. 
  • People From Northeast- They are not even considered Indians. They are always asked “hey! You speak great Hindi, did u learn it” without realising the fact that they are Indians too and they obviously know Hindi. 

These are just a few instances where people are stereotyped, there are many more cases and questions which are constantly asked people defaming them. We should understand that all of us as persons are different and have different choices. But, seems like this can never be stopped. We as individuals need to realise that people are more than just the state they belong to.

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